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Jun 30, 2023

Scammers are just a part of life, but Dean Rogers learned how to do 'deeper' due diligence after he got burned by a known criminal. Dean lost $180,000 but sees how he could have avoided it by trusting his gut and making a few more phone calls to other people involved in the deal.

Con-men (and Con-women) know that most people want to trust other people, and they abuse that trust to scam people. To avoid scams in real estate (or anywhere) just remember this quote:

"Trust, but verify." - Ronald Reagan 



00:00 Dean Rogers - Real Estate Investor

01:43 Football Career & NFL Signing

09:54 Deciding to Retire

15:30 Corporate Life Letdown

16:20 Getting First Wholesale Deal

22:19 Real Estate Investing 101

23:47 Co-Wholesaling to Going Solo

28:08 Real Estate Due Diligence

29:31 Red Flags & Real Estate Scams

38:02 How to Expose the Scammer

45:00 The Deal Champs Podcast