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Jul 17, 2023

What are the pros and cons (or downsides) of real estate investing?

The pros of real estate investing are pretty well known, the ability to use leverage (debt) to buy properties that generate passive income (cashflow) that also appreciate in value (equity) while giving tax benefits (depreciation).

But every investment has its cons, some of real estate's downsides are market volatility, bad tenants, vacancies, maintenance, and legal/regulatory issues. Basically it comes down to tenants, toilets, and termites.

Tony Javier's career as a real estate investor was almost derailed by those downsides. Luckily he didn't listen to the naysayers and dove right in, acquiring 10 rental properties in just a few years using the BRRRR method.



00:00 Tony Javier - Real Estate Investor TV consultant

01:00 Carleton Sheets - Real Estate Infomercial

02:03 BRRRR Method Success

04:57 Dropping out of College

06:30 Toilets & Tenants

07:35 Worst Deal

17:06 TV ads for Real Estate Investors

22:00 Founding 10X TV

25:30 TV ads in big vs midsize markets

29:18 TV vs Direct Mail

32:49 Why 10X TV?