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Jul 19, 2023

Brad Chandler knew he never wanted to work for someone else, so when an investor flipped Brad's neighbor's house he saw the potential. So every night after putting his son to bed Brad would place bandit signs and hand address envelopes to find his first deal. After a few months he still didn't have a deal, but he stayed persistent and after 8 months of searching he landed 6 deals and quit his job.


That's when a few tips from his real estate mentors helped him take off. From "We Buy Houses" signs in every front yard, to advertising deals as "Handyman Specials" (from Ron LeGrand's cassette tapes) Brad's marketing machine began to pick up steam.


Then one day Brad was working with a coach for his son, when the coach noticed that Brad had a nervous tic when recalling his childhood memories. That's what started Brad on the pursuit of happiness, which took him back to his childhood to confront some of the traumas he faced. It turns out the secret to happiness is exploring your subconscious mind and learning to control the thoughts that it spews out.


But when Brad looked around, he saw a lack of self-love everywhere he went. Alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and failing marriages are some of symptoms of subconscious unhappiness. So Brad set out on a mission to help every entrepreneur learn to love themselves and be happier. So join his Facebook Group and take his 60-Second Self-Love quiz with the links below.

The 60-Second Self-Love Quiz

How to Be Happier (for Entrepreneurs) Facebook Group



00:00 Brad Chandler - Real Estate Investor

03:20 Dead End Job

04:30 First Deal

05:40 Real Estate Mentors

07:10 Ron Legrand Cassette Tapes

08:45 Ask This Question

10:10 Scaling Up

12:30 Implementing E-Myth

13:40 Money Pits

15:45 Childhood Programming

17:40 Subconscious Unhappiness

19:07 Brad's Mission

23:15 Happy Childhood

26:15 Fight or Flight and Creativity