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Jul 27, 2023

When you're flipping a house, do you REALLY need to pull a permit?


On Justin's first flip he didn't pull a permit and tried to do his renovations quickly, which makes for a great story for us to learn from. Let's just say his answer to the age old question has flipped around since that deal. 


Justin is the head of Ballpoint Marketing and Call Porter, two companies they use in their own real estate investing businesses (operating in multiple states) that you can put to work in your business as well. 


Ballpoint Marketing - Handwritten (by robots) direct mailing service for real estate investors


CallPorter - US based call answering service for handling inbound phone calls from motivated sellers



00:00 Justin Dossey - Ballpoint Marketing

00:45 Call Porter & Ballpoint Marketing

02:00 Why Direct Mail Is Coming Back

05:00 Omnipresent Marketing

06:30 Adding value BEFORE the sale

07:12 Relational Sales vs Hard Push Sales

08:42 Big Data & Direct Mail Response Rates

11:52 Flipping Condos

16:36 What NOT to do in Real Estate

20:40 Should you pull a building permit?

22:02 Direct Mail + Inbound Call handlers

25:09 Real Estate Investing Challenges

29:18 The Obstacle Is The Way


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