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May 15, 2023

Growing up Bob Lachance had one goal, to play professional ice hockey. 


So in the summers Bob worked as a go-fer in his family's construction company (Going for lumber, or screws, or coffee.) While he didn't go into the family business, it did plant the Real Estate Bug in the back of his mind while he was doing this...


But hockey careers don't last forever, so eventually Bob had to start thinking about his next career. As he thought about his options, he realized real estate had a high earning potential with low barriers to entry. So he dove right in.


This is the story of how Bob found out who he had to hire and fire to be successful.



Key Moments

02:09 Growing Up as a Construction Go-fer

03:16 Leaving college to play pro hockey

04:32 Landing his first deal without the internet

06:15 Beating Analysis Paralysis

07:16 The Big Challenge of Real Estate

07:55 Buying Preforeclosure / Short Sale Properties

08:10 The FIRST Person to FIRE In Your Business

09:50 Losing 150k Next Door to Regis Philbin

12:44 Using VAs for Real Estate Investing

14:48 How REVA Global was Started

16:11 The FIRST Person to HIRE