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Mar 2, 2023

Mike Singletary is a rare type of person. First as a bald, straight hairdresser. Then as a real estate investor who would lose money to keep his word.

Mike was so excited to get his first wholesale deal under contract that he sold it to the first cash offer he got. And when the second offer was a 10X bigger assignment fee, he knew the COST of breaking his word was much higher than the PRICE of the bigger assignment fee.

So he honored the deal with the smaller fee and kept his reputation intact. His worst deal cost him over $100,000 which he took in stride because he knew the future value of his relationship with his lender was worth much more.

And he was right.

Mike Singletary is the head of SkipForce and ISA Pros, two companies born out of his own investing business that he now shares with the world. See how SkipForce is much more than a skip tracing company

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