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Apr 13, 2023

A lot of us get into real estate investing to build more wealth or achieve more financial freedom than a regular job can provide. But even when your real estate income is more than your W2 salary, it's hard to quit your job!


That's what Daniel Kong experienced as his real estate career took off. He was ready to quit his 6-figure Software Developer job, but the safety & stability of the guaranteed paycheck was hard to walk away from. Realize it or not, society pushes us to seek stability over success.


Luckily, Daniel was crushing it using the BRRRR strategy and eventually the math just didn't add up. So his wife told him to quit his job and go all-in on real estate just 3 years after starting.


Now he's moving from fixing & flipping homes into multi-family syndications. He's taking his cashflow to the next level and giving his investors the passive income and tax breaks they're after.



00:00 Daniel Kong's life before REI

02:30 Salary & Stability over Success

05:30 Daniel's 1st Real Estate Deal

08:45 Daniel's WORST Deal

11:16 Advice for Growing Real Estate Investors