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Apr 6, 2021

Carrot real estate investor websites can help convert "hamster wheel" marketing like paid ads, Craigslist ads, Facebook marketplace, and Google ads. This training video shows you step by step how you can optimize your online and offline marketing for motivated seller leads as a house flipper, wholesaler, land flipper, or real estate agent.

Carrot Real Estate Investor Websites

Trevor Mauch is the CEO and Founder of Carrot and on this video he explains how to combine marketing with free and paid ads and other methods with Carrot websites to ramp up your seller leads during the first ninety days.

It takes time to build up your evergreen SEO content marketing to where you are consistently getting leads, so it's important to know how to get leads quickly with free and paid ads like Google ppc at the same time you are building momentum on the SEO traffic.  

It's important to be able to use tracking links for all of your marketing methods so you know which marketing efforts are working.  Trevor walks you through how to do this using the Carrot campaign tracking tool in this demo tutorial.

What is your average profit per deal?  How much would you pay to get that deal.  Typical costs tend to run around 25%, so if it costs you $2,500 to get a $10,000 profit, how many deals do you want to do per month?  That is how you determine your ad costs, not by picking a random number.

You have to use data and tech to stay competitive as a real estate investor today. Your main competitors are using Carrot websites or another tool like it. 
Take a few minutes to review this Carrot tutorial on how to use your real estate investor website with Google ppc, other paid ads, and free ads in order to find motivated sellers.

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